Red Beauty Textiles Closing Shop

Why I’m quitting the yarn and fabric business
Black Swallowtail butterfly. After closing, I’ll have time for photography.

Red Beauty Textiles will be closing it’s “doors.”  I’ve loved serving my awesomely wonderful customers an array of lovely fabrics and yarns; I impart this news with mixed feelings.

I’ve been an avid sewist and knitter for much of my life, having learned at my mother’s side when I was a small child; I started Red Beauty Textiles because I had decades of fabric and yarn amassed and wanted a place to sell my excess.  It only took a few months for me to realize that I liked selling yarn and fabric and loved enabling people to make things.  I had big plans for my business and hoped to offer my own line of knitting and sewing patterns, teach classes, and open a physical location, as well as eventually pickup my neglected hobbies of jewelry making, ceramics, painting, and woodworking.

The reality after six years is quite a mismatch to what was in my head and I’m no closer to my goals.  Selling yarn and/or fabric online is hard!  And it’s hard in a way that was unanticipated.

  • I am busy with the business all the time – all the time.  My regular work week is usually 60+ hours and there are no vacations.
  • Profit margins are low – we’re talking cannot-live-on-this type of low.  This was a real surprise – the big guys push the little guys down.  No selling luxurious silks and satins – oh no!

The only real solution to staying in business is to become a volume seller akin to WEBS or Amazon ( and this is something that does not appeal.  It would mean carrying cheaper fabrics, cheaper yarns, renting a warehouse, and becoming even busier for the foreseeable future.

After wracking my brains and a lot of serious discussions with my husband, the facts were clear.   It’s a difficult choice for me because of the success I’ve had, and, of course me identifying me with my business.  I may resurface in a few years with classes or patterns, but my retailing days are over.

I hope I’ve been instrumental in helping you with your craft.  Good luck and I hope we meet up in our future crafty lives!


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